Since 1970, Trotter Photo remains a company of value-based integrity, with its local collection of photographers and four decades of growth. Company ownership changed in 2019, to woman owned - employee ran. With two studio locations in St. Louis and St. Charles, Trotter has more than two dozen local, year-round experienced photographers and videographers to keep up with your booking needs. Value + Experienced Coverage = Your Need.

Our locations feature on-site color and black & white digital labs for editing and quality printing, including high level commercial grade printing projects.

Trotter is one stop shop for photography, video and photo booth services specializing in schools, day cares, sports organizations, dance, candids, special events, family portraits, business portraits, commercial photos, products, printing & more! Just let us know what you need!

Despite being a high volume business, efficient in a number of areas, Trotter Photo cares about every. single. client. No two weddings are the same, just as no two photos are the same. It's YOUR VISION. YOUR MOMENT. And we are happy to deliver.

Trotter Photo seeks to surprise and reward with service and product, in addition to continued clients.

In addition to the types of service Trotter offers, our studios are perfect for:

  • Schools, Day Cares, Sports Organizations & Dance

  • New parents / Old parents / In-between parents

  • Soulmates & partners for life

  • Families & Generations

  • Companies & Executives

  • Commercial Properties & Commercial Products

    • Executive portraits, retirement directories,

  • Employees that want:

    • F/T work, P/T work, Contract work, Internships - essentially, opportunity, creativity, collaboration & appreciation, and more…

 What you get:

  • Professionals with years of proven experience in a variety of styles to meet your needs

  • Back-up equipment, photographers, experience, guidance…

  • All year-round staff at your need - we don’t hire based on ‘no knowledge necessary’

  • Federal background checked professionals

  • Internal lab as well as external lab backing by nationally renowned large print company for large project needs (e.g. schools) along with sophisticated bar-coding procedure for enhanced portrait ordering experience.

  • Innovative products (nothing cookie-cutter about it - if you are paying for it, you may as well pay for something with options).